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Our Products

We are looking into options for Online Ordering or at least being able to provide inventory availability.

If there are any products you are interested in, please reach out to inquire.

Welcome to our Products page!

At Frakers Grove, we’re proud to offer a select range of farm-fresh products. Currently, we specialize in providing delicious fresh eggs and juicy, seasonal sweet corn.

We’re also thrilled to announce plans to expand our offerings. We are developing pasture land for cows, which will enrich our product variety in the near future. To make room for this expansion, we’re temporarily pausing our pig production to focus on creating a spacious, fenced wooded area where our pigs can roam and thrive.

Our commitment to providing our animals with the best possible environment remains steadfast. We’re grateful for your support as we grow and evolve.

Keep an eye on our updates as we continue to enhance our farm and introduce new delights straight from our land to your table.

Sweet Corn

Indulge in the irresistible flavors of summer with our farm-fresh Sweet Corn. Picked at peak ripeness, each tender ear bursts with natural sweetness and vibrant taste. From backyard

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Farm Fresh Eggs

Indulge in the natural goodness of our Farm Fresh Eggs. Laid by our happy, free-range chickens, these eggs boast vibrant yolks, a rich flavor, and a delightful texture.

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